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My printmaking journey starts in the basement


The first sentences are always so daunting.  Where to begin?  I could begin with my Christmas cards, printed with a spoon on the kitchen counter when I was 15. 

But let’s fast-forward almost twenty-five years and you see me making prints again.  After taking a relief printmaking course at Indiana University, I just knew that this was what I wanted to spend my time and energies doing.  And as I told my professor, I was going to my basement to print.  And so I did.

When I wasn’t exploring, perfecting, and making mistakes, I spent plenty of time reading other printmakers’ blogs.  What a wealth of information there is on these blogs! 

Without a fine arts degree, I am not a lettered expert, but by spending my time printing every day, I have learned things, things that I’d like to share.  I also enjoy making art with other people – printmaking can be a wonderfully collaborative medium.  I’ll be sharing these adventures as well.

Elizabeth Busey, Long Pond Stillness. Linoleum Reduction Print,  13 x 18 inches, 2010. 
This is one of my more recent efforts inspired by a summer canoe trip in Maine.  I use the reduction method, where only one piece of linoleum is carved, each layer is printed, and then carved away some more.  This work is the result of at least ten layers of transparent ink.   The layers of color are often lovely, but unpredictable. 

More about my ever-changing relationship with transparency next…

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