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It takes my breath away...

To truly live as an artist, I believe I have to not only create something, but also share it with others. I had a splendid weekend meeting people at the Fourth Street Festival who wanted to have my art in their homes. I even delivered several pieces to homes for potential collectors to consider for the week. I see my work as adding to their well-being through their home environment.

This past June I had a remarkable encounter with a collector who had a specific purpose for my work...

Elizabeth Busey. Fibonacci. Reduction Linocut, 18 x 18in, Ed of 22.
During my Open Studios tour event, I met a woman and her adult daughter and son-in-law. She wanted to purchase something for the couple, and they couldn't come to a decision. So we agreed I would deliver two pieces for them to consider on the following Monday. A quick call before I was leaving asked that I also bring a framed Fibonacci, as this woman had decided she would like this for herself. I was of course thrilled, and tucked everything in the car.

I later learned that this woman had Stage IV pancreatic cancer. She wanted to hang the Fibonacci in a place where she could see it from her bed. For the limited time she had left, she wanted to spend time looking at the undulating and never-ending patterns of seeds flowing from a green center melding into yellows and oranges.

A visit with my new collector resulted in a tour of her home. Much loved artwork hung throughout the house, some inherited, some created by her family, some by the woman herself. I got to see the Fibonacci in her bedroom. Her willingness to share with me at such a vulnerable time in her life was tremendously meaningful.

My collector passed away this week. The Fibonacci will now live in her daughter's home, where I hope it will be a reminder of this very vibrant and creative person.

It takes my breath away...

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